Digital assistance for work and free time

People are increasingly looking to online services for ideas and tips in different areas of life. Alma Media’s services make people’s lives and choices easier in various life situations. In 2013, we made a strong investment in the development of our digital services to make them serve the changing needs of consumers even better than before.

Digital services for various life situations

Alma Media’s digital offering covers a diverse range of different consumer services. Alma Media’s services can help people find a car, style tips or ideas for a healthier lifestyle. These services include,, and, as well as the theme sections on health and food.

In 2013, digital products and services share of Alma Media’s revenue increased to 28.1%. The accelerating trend of digitalisation and consumers moving online have had a substantial effect on the consumer service offering.

In addition to focusing on providing a diverse service offering, Alma Media also invests in the quality and reliability of its services. One example of this was the customer service development carried out in 2013 by, Finland’s largest online dating service. The service was awarded the Key Flag symbol by the Association for Finnish Work in October 2013.

“International players in the market often have no customer service in Finnish, or at least it is not easily available. The popularity of is based on its reliability, security and Finnish base. We are proud to operate a Finnish service and will continue to bring more love to the lives of Finns,” comments Matti Liljaniemi, Service Manager at

Towards more comprehensive services

Instead of offering separate individual services, Alma Media is looking to develop service combinations that satisfy several customer needs. In 2013, we continued to diversify our digital services., an online service focused on food and recipes, began a partnership with Neljän Ruoka Oy. The partnership resulted in a new service called Kotikokin Ruokakassi (Home Chef’s Grocery Bag), which allows consumers to order a full week’s dinners, complete with recipes and the required ingredients, delivered right to their doorstep. The housing portal also moved towards a more comprehensive service offering by launching a new website on interior decoration.

“We offer services that provide genuine benefits to consumers. The interior decoration website, for example, is built around an image gallery with interior decoration tips. Consumers can access links via the images to purchase products online,” explains Riikka Wulff, Managing Director of Alma Mediapartners.

In the future, the online dating service can also become a comprehensive service featuring shops and service providers related to love and dating, such as restaurants, gift shops and jewellery stores.

Easy to use, fun and easy on the eye

The accelerating trend of digitalisation and the growing range of mobile devices are challenging Alma Media to build increasingly usable and community-based services that are easy to access by both computer and smartphone.

In 2013, the company developed new mobile applications and placed particular emphasis on visual design. The online television guide and the service, among others, redesigned their services and visual style.

“It is challenging for products and online services to differentiate themselves from the competition simply by content and functionality. This leads to users being offered more aesthetically pleasing online services and user experiences,” says interface designer Tuomas Nironen, who worked on the renewal projects.  

The user experience of digital products can also be improved by gamification and user engagement. Gamification refers to bringing features familiar from games to various types of content, services and advertising, which makes their consumption more interesting, fun and often also more community-oriented. The natural human need to play and share has been taken into account in Alma Media services, including, the social media tool functionality of the travel website and the Iltalehti service. publishes articles that are popular in social media, which readers can then share in their own networks.

“Gamification helps to develop content that is more interactive. It also helps to increase the participation and engagement by offering users a richer and more memorable user experience,” explains Minna Nissinen, Senior Vice President of Alma Media’s digital service and development unit Alma Diverso.

The significance of digital solutions in consumer services will continue to grow in the future. Accordingly, Alma Media has set a target of increasing the share of digital services of the Group’s total revenue from the current level of 28 per cent to over 50 per cent by 2020.

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