Financial information at the core of business operations

The role of comprehensive and current information is highlighted in times of economic instability. Alma Media offers companies tools for business growth by packaging and refining business and financial information to support their day-to-day work. In 2013, financial information was increasingly provided in digital channels.

Alma Media’s business and financial information operations are based on a strong and continuously developing combination of print and digital media, as well as digital business services. Finland’s leading financial media, Kauppalehti, provides news, commentary and analysis on business and finance. In 2013, Kauppalehti grew its digital business further, with over 40 per cent of its business now digital. The products of Kauppalehti Information Services accounted for a major share of this.

Kauppalehti becoming increasingly digital

The primary stream of financial news has already moved to the digital realm, and in the near future the majority of the news will be read on smartphones and tablets. A large proportion of Kauppalehti readers are already following financial media and using online services on mobile devices. Kauppalehti is actively developing its mobile services and has published several mobile applications for different devices.

Kauppalehti has also been successful in moving towards paid content in digital media. In 2012, the contents of Kauppalehti’s print and online channels were differentiated from each other, and digital content was put behind a paywall. The move towards digital will continue with a focus on the renewal of content, subscription products and media sales.  A simultaneous renewal of the printed newspaper, involving a shift in focus to in-depth journalism that contributes to the Finnish economy and society, has also strengthened Kauppalehti’s position in the Finnish financial media field.

The classic virtues of the financial media – accuracy, speed and reliability – have to be held on to. Readers yearn for encouraging success stories especially during a difficult economic cycle,” says Arno Ahosniemi, editor-in-chief of Kauppalehti.

Growth led by information services for decision-making

Alma Media’s digital business services are growing continuously, as information in digital form can be used more effectively than ever before. Businesses increasingly need information from reliable sources on companies and properties, for example. The use of different information in decision-making is commonplace in modern organisations. Kauppalehti Information Services has developed into a significant and profitable part of the Kauppalehti Group’s business and is also one of the leading information services provider in Finland.

Kauppalehti Information Services collects, combines and refines information that supports companies in their day-to-day work, provides tools for business growth and helps in activities such as risk management, the monitoring of competitors and customer acquisition. In 2013, Kauppalehti Information Services expanded its offering with the addition of a procurement search and a map service for searching for business premises.

“We strive to ensure that our customers understand how to utilise the information we offer, and this has had a positive effect on our growth. We focus on offering service to our customers, not content," explains Otto Mattsson, Director of Kauppalehti Information Services.

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