Board's proposal to the annual general meeting
On 31 December 2013, the Group's parent company had distributable funds totalling EUR 23,905,611 (8,014,054). The number of shares entitled to dividend is 75 486 853.
Alma Media's Board of Directors proposes that a total capital repayment for the 2013 financial year would be amount of EUR 7,548,685 (capital repayment of EUR 0.10 per share). In addition, the Board proposes to the Annual General Meeting that it be given an authorisation to decide on an additional capital repayment of no more than EUR 7,548,685 (capital repayment of EUR 0.10 per share).
Helsinki, Finland, 12 February 2014
Harri Suutari
Chairman of the Board
Petri Niemisvirta Timo Aukia
Deputy Chairman of the Board Board member
Niklas Herlin Perttu Rinta
Board member Board member
Kai Seikku Erkki Solja
Board member Board member
Catharina Stackelberg-Hammarén Kai Telanne
Board member President and CEO
Auditor's note
A report on the audit carried out has been submitted today.
In Helsinki on 12 February 2014
Ernst & Young Oy
Authorised Public Accountants
Harri Pärssinen
Authorised Public Accountant

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